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Woodcroft Wildspace
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This page is being developed to enable us to better communicate with you, the volunteers who turn this project into reality.

General guidelines - we are trying to keep the entrance clear. Please report or remove any rubbish you may find.

Paths - the remaining wood chippings need sprinkling on the paths to cover the thinnest parts.

Events - Please refer to our events page for updates and volunteer to help if you can. We always need people to help set up an event, deliver leaflets, sell raffle tickets etc.

Tree Sponsors - we have 33 trees sponsored. It costs just £15 for a tree and £5 for a bush. Please encourage your friends and relatives to sponsor a tree or bush.

To offer your help and skills please contact us via e-mail - just click Woodcroft and volunteer to support the project.

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Site Management and Working Practices

The site is being managed by the Site Team lead by Tony Askew and Amanda Ladell. Please talk to them about any details of what to do.

As we must comply with Health and Safety requirements it is strongly preferable that we know in advance who is coming and at what time wherever possible. Please avoid working alone as there will be no one to help in case you hurt yourself. Everyone is responsible for their own safety and that of others while on site and I'm sure you will understand that Woodcroft Wildspace cannot accept liability for your actions. We suggest that at least two people should be working on the site as a minimum for this reason and have a mobile phone with you to call for assistance if needed. When the site is supervised we have a basic First Aid kit with the Duty Friend.

Please could you let us know when you propose to be working on site either by e-mail or by phoning us on 0870 950 3842 or 0208 819 1662 . Please let us have your name, a contact phone number and who you will be bringing with you. On arrival, please sign in with the Duty Friend and let him / her know when you leave. You are encouraged to bring something to eat and drink - but please be aware that we do not yet have any toilet facilities available. Please also come along in suitably protective gardening clothes, bringing gloves, boots and garden tools with you.

Naturally visitors are very welcome to come and take a look at what we are doing, be shown the plans and discuss them with the Friends. We hope everyone will like what you see and wish to join us. You can download a  Membership Form from the Friends page, if you haven't already done so.

Many thanks for your help and support.

Bob Ladell - Chair

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