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Coal tit (Parus ater)

The coal tit has a grey back, a black cap, and a white patch at the back of its neck. It has a small, slender beak which allows it to feed successfully in conifers. The adult length is11.5 cm with a 17-21 cm wingspan. Adult weight is 8-10g.

Coal tits live where there are conifers, sessile oaks, and in birch woodlands in the north of the UK. It will live in parks and rural and urban gardens if there are conifers present. It is a resident bird which can be seen all year round.

It eats seeds, nuts and insects. It loves to feed from peanut feeders and will remove food to store for eating later. In winter the coal tit will join with other tit species to search for food.

The coal tit's song is a high pitched 'see-oo' and it repeats a 'chu-u-ee-chu-u-ee' sound.

Coal tits lay a large clutch of 8-10 eggs which hatch in 14-16 days. The young fledge at 18-20 days.

The maximum lifespan of the coal tit is 9 years.

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