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Blue tit (Parus caeruleus)

The blue tit's colourful feathers are a mixture of blue, yellow, white and green. It is a very pretty bird, resident in the UK all year. Adults are 11.5 cm long with a wingspan of 17.5-20 cm. They weigh 9.5-12.5g fully grown.

Blue tits live in woodlands, mainly decidious trees, and they especially like oaks. They can also be found in parklands and where there are hedges and conifers. They have adapted to gardens with mature trees and will readily breed in a nestbox. In winter they live in groups with other species of tit.

The blue tit eats caterpillars and insects, also seeds and nuts. They love peanuts and are often seen feeding from urban and rural garden bird tables, especially in winter.

The song is a high pitched trill. The call notes are high and their alarm call is a churring sound.

The blue tit lays a large clutch of 7-13 eggs which hatch in 14 days. Fledging takes place after 16-22 days.

The blue tit can live up to 21 years.

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