24th February 2015

The Woodcroft Wildspace planning application, and that for the Wrenn housing, were both passed unanimously at this evening's Planning Committee.

We now have a legal Apiary building and Eco-Gym – and in due course, some neighbours.

Some 2 years ago Woodcroft directors worked closely with Enfield Council to put together a Planning Application to change the use of the land from sports ground to wildspace. That Planning Application was finally submitted to the Planning dept in mid December 2014 and neighbours around the site notified by LBE with a published closing date of 1st January 2015. Further opportunity for public comment on the plans, for which the links to the application are shown below, was available until 5th February.

Naturally we wished to see the plans approved for the retained land, as it is referred, to retain the land as wildspace managed by Woodcroft Wildspace as an Educational wildspace for the benefit of the whole of Enfield. As you know, we have been very successful in doing so to date with many schools visits planned in 2015 to benefit from this Gold Award winning facility.

The planning documents previously displayed in public consultation on 4th December 2012 are still available here

Should you have any comments about the proposals that you wish to express directly to Woodcroft Wildspace please e-mail us on enquiries@woodcroft.org.uk

Thank-you, we look forward to your support in retaining this refreshing green space for everyone's benefit.

Planning Applications - as submitted December 2014 :-  

The planning applications will either be going to the Planning Committee on Tuesday 24 th February or Thursday 12 th March (venue Conference Room, Civic Centre, Enfield). Comments can still be taken into account, but the deadline will close quite soon if the Committee date is 24 th February.

Local residents around the Woodcroft site will be aware of the submission of planning applications for a residential development of five detached houses on the southern part of the site (by Wrenn Homes), with a separate but linked application on the rest of the site for nature conservation and related proposals, including provision of a small car park. The application for the ‘retained land' is submitted jointly by LB Enfield Parks Department and Woodcroft Wildspace.

The applications are due to be considered at the Council's Planning Committee on either the 24th February or 12th March.

For anyone still wishing to comment on either application (support or objection), the advice is for the individual to e-mail the relevant case officer direct and request advice on the date when the opportunity to comment will be closed.

In the case of the ‘retained land' application (reference 14/04644/RE4), the case officer is Eloise Kiernan (Eloise.kiernan@enfield.gov.uk Tel 020 9379 2531)

In the case of the Wrenn Homes housing application (reference 14/04651/FUL), the case officer is Maria Demetri (Maria.demetri@enfield.gov.uk Tel 020 8379 2746)      

Please see following link to the “Search Planning Applications” page on the Council's website


The application references are:

(1)       Nature Conservation etc proposals on retained land - reference 14/04644/RE4    26 submitted supporting items / documents  

(2)       Residential development (5 detached houses) (Wrenn Homes) - reference 14/04651/FUL    32 submitted supporting items / documents  

You need to click on the heading “View planning applications online” and put the application reference number in the search box”

  Further information about our plans for Woodcroft Wildspace

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