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Feral Pigeon (Columba livia) a.k.a. Rock Dove

This is the wild ancestor of domestic pigeons the world over. Feral pigeons come in several shades of colour: blueish-grey, black, white, pale grey with darker chequered markings, brick-red or orange-brown, (often with white) The adult length is 31-34 cm with a wingspan of 63-70 cm. Fully grown it weighs 230-270g.

The habitat of the feral pigeon is urban areas, though more wild birds can live on cliffs outside of town. In urban areas where the numbers are allowed to increase they can become pests and are often regarded as vermin. They are present at all times of the year.

The feral pigeon's natural food is seed and cereals but in fact they will eat almost anything and will readily scavenge for food dropped on the ground by humans.

The feral pigeon makes a gentle cooing sound.

Feral pigeons lay 2 eggs which hatch in 16-19 days. They are prolific breeders when there is a plentiful food supply. The young fledge at 35-37 days.

The feral pigeon can live up to 20 years.

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