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We've been working hard in spite of the weather. Our volunteers are made of hardy stuff. Other groups may close down because of bad weather, or 'elf & safety, but not Woodcroft!
Shifting the hawthorn we cut recently and puling out the mesh which was crushed during the tree felling. We are not allowed to burn the hawthorn..
The beginning of an arch
Where does this go?
A welcome tea break!
The biggest ice lollies in Winchmore Hill! Shows it has been pretty cold – but please do not walk on the ice, It won't support anyone's weight.

Our thanks to LBE for help with the trailer. This is the first part of the promise of access to equipment being delivered by LBE, which is very useful indeed to get rid of materials that won't compost down, and also the rubbish that has built up over about 5 years, which isn't much in the greater scheme of things. We don't have very much rubbish arising from Woodcroft Wildspace activities.

Woodcroft Wildspace is also supporting the Duke of Edinburgh's award with two young people having chosen to do their volunteering section at Woodcroft, pitching up along with other volunteers to do the clear up in the snow.


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