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Tree Planting Day, 16th March 2013. Despite the very wet day, we succeeded in planting about 300 of the 420 trees donated by the Woodland Trust, sponsored by IKEA Edmonton. The trees have been planted in nursery beds for the time being to grow them on for a year or so before transplanting them to their final locations. Volunteers turned out in the rain to dig the holes, gather compost and mix it in to the soil to give the saplings the best start we can. We also had a donation of about a dozen large trees from the Enfield Society which have been planted around the wildspace to add to the diversity. Woodcroft Wildspace and Enfield Society volunteers worked together to move the larger trees around the site and plant them in the chosen locations.

Many thanks to everyone for their help and support.

The Woodcroft Team

Our volunteers have been working their socks off and have produced really professional results with the hedge laying. The 'get down and dirty' tunnel for the Eco Gym is coming along well and and another couple of working sessions should see it finished. Then it will be up to Mother Nature to put in the final touches in the spring. Well done everyone!

Teaching volunteers (including D of E students) how to do traditional hedge laying
Amanda, James and parent volunteer Philippa, cutting up the Hawthorn trimmings ready for disposal
Hawthorn prepared for laying
Preparation in progress – teaching safe use of tools
Water storage