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On Friday 19th August we had our second Give and Gain Day supported by Business in the Community – We had volunteers from Hiscox who, together with Woodcroft volunteers had a great time clearing brambles and digging the concrete hard ground and whilst tired when they left, they had taken note of the digging techniques taught and left without injury – and a big hole ready to landscape a bit more then line for a pond.

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Above - the team of volunteers from Hiscox.

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Clearing brambles, much digging and fetching water. Below: the children enjoyed filling the pond with water carried in milk bottles with the help of Thomas the Tank Engine! Great stuff, kids!
One of our beekeepers, Steve, took people to see the bees. Those who looked at the bees with Steve thoroughly enjoyed themselves being able to get so close to those scary monsters without being stung!! Steve answered questions from people outside the fence – another great job Steve – well done !! See photos below.
Woodcroft Wildspace would like to thank everyone involved: the Hiscox volunteers, the Channel 5 crew, and the friends of Woodcroft Wildspace, especially Andrew who supplied electricity, Aldo who supplied water, and Helen for her delicious home baked cakes and biscuits.

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