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New trees, 80 deciduous saplings, have been planted at Woodcroft Wildspace. As yet they are only 'twigs' but they will soon grow into recognisable trees; in fact they are already showing spring growth. The species are varied and intermingled. Thanks to the young volunteers from BTCV and boys from the 23rd Southgate Scouts for this planting work.
deciduous tree locations staked out
newly planted deciduous tree
newly planted deciduous tree
The apiary cabin has now been secured with shutters and a locked door. This was necessary because of unauthorised people using the cabin and because of vandalism. The shutters can be opened when the cabin is being used.
The screens which surround the beehives
Another new pond has been dug and lined, part of the water feature which will incorporate several small ponds to encourage pond life which we hope will include plants as well as amphibians. Thanks again to the 23rd Southgate Scouts for their help in this work.
new pond
83 donated rare apple trees ready to be planted
apple trees ready for planting
We make good use of dead wood to provide a habitat for insect life and small mammals

Apple Trees for the orchard area: We have 83 specialist, rare, varieties that have been donated by Mumtel Ltd of Wood Green, and . A very, very generous donation to Woodcroft providing blossom and fruit in sequence making a very wide flowering and fruiting season. We are very grateful indeed to both companies for their support of Woodcroft Wildspace.

Planting took place over 6 days in March 2011.

Photo is the last apple tree being planted.


Photo © Helen Osman

The apple trees are already bearing fruit.
Photos of fungi on logs. Photos © Charlie Yazgan
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