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hawthorn shield bug
Hawthorn Shield Bug (Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale)

The Hawthorn Shield Bug can grow up to 15 mm in length. The body is shield-shaped, shiny green with black and deep red markings. The wings are pale and membranous at the tip.

It feeds mainly on hawthorn berries and is seldom found where this shrub is absent. It will feed on leaves of fruit trees and other deciduous trees when hawthorn berries are not available.

It can be seen in hedgerows, on the edges of woodlands, in gardens with hedges and shrubs and on any suitable land where food plants grow. It is common in Europe, but is not seen in Scotland.

It is often seen basking on walls during the autumn, before hibernating. The adults appear from April to July, and the larvae can be seen from June to August.

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