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Black-headed gull (Larus ridibundus)

The backheaded gull actually has a white head for most of the year, and a brown head the rest of the time. The adult length is 34-37 cm with a wingspan of 100-110 cm. Weight is 200-400g.

It is the commonest of the inland gulls in Britain and is an inland bird, not a seagull. They can be seen all year round.

It lives on marshes, both freshwater and coastal, and by lakes and moorland pools, gravel pits, etc. In winter it will be found by estuaries, inland wetlands, ploughed fields, playing fields, reservoirs, and even on rubbish tips.

Blackheaded gulls eat insects, worms, carrion and fish.

Black-headed gulls are quarrelsome and noisy. They are sociable, and are usually seen in small flocks, but will gather into larger groups where there is plenty of food, or when they are roosting.

The cry is a harsh sounding 'kree-aah'

The black headed gull lays 2-3 eggs which hatch after 23-26 days. The young are fledged at 35 days.

They can live up to 32 years.

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