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Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris)

The greenfinch is a pretty yellow and green bird often seen in urban gardens. The adult length is 15 cm and the wingspan is 24.5-27.5 cm. At maturity its weight is 81-96g.

It lives on the edges of woodlands, in tall hedges, in orchards, graveyards, parks and gardens, in fact anywhere with tall, fairly dense trees and a plentiful food supply. In winter it will also feed in fields and along the seashore, and it often joins up with flocks of other finches and with buntings. The greenfinch may be seen at any time of the year.

The greenfinch's diet is seeds and insects. Agricultural methods have deprived it of many weed seeds in the countryside and it has adapted to take advantage of food in urban areas. It will feed from a bird table and may quarrel with other birds at this time.

The song is a wheezy and twittery trill, and it calls 'chewee'.

The greenfinch lays 4-6 eggs which hatch in 11-15 days. Fledglings emerge from the nest after 14-18 days.

The maximum lifespan of the greenfinch is 12 years.

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