BTCV – – Earn Your Travel Back at Woodcroft 14th January 2012

BTCV operate a scheme called Earn Your Travel Back where groups of youngsters come along to Woodcroft to do some community service. The scheme benefits both the young people and Woodcroft. This was the 4th such visit, previous ones having dug a large pond, cleared brambles and maintained pathways.

BTCV supervisor, Rachel Hoyes said “It was such a beautiful day, the young volunteers had a good time and the tasks worked really well. The feedback we received was really positive including:

I thought the task was actually good, yes it was a bit hard, but with everyone's help we did it.

I thought the task was quite easy and fun because I learnt how to work with other people.

I thought the task was hard, but worth the effort as a lot of work was done.

I thought the task was fun and the staff were really helpful.

I thought the organisation of the day was very well organised and not too hard.

Woodcroft is very pleased to be associated with BTCV and this scheme. We welcome BTCV and the young
 volunteers participation in the Woodcroft objectives, seeking to teach them both social and outdoor skills. The result they achieve is always very good, which is all the more satisfying considering that none of them have even met each other before arriving for their day at Woodcroft.

Many thanks to BTCV and the young people.

Bob Ladell
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