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Woodcroft Wildspace won GOLD in 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 and Bronze in 2009
Later Enfield in Bloom Awards: 2018, 2019
Another great achievement for Woodcroft - we have won Gold in the Enfield in Bloom competition for the 4th year running, thanks to our dedicated volunteers.  Notification letter below. 
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For the 3rd year in a row we have won an Enfield in Bloom Gold Award for the

Best Environmental / Wildlife Garden

A continuing success story for Team Woodcroft

We have proudly won Gold in the Best Environmental / Wildlife Garden / Meadow category for the 2nd year running (..... the 2nd year running that we have entered, that is......) Congratulations everyone -  a great team effort! Many thanks to all who helped us to achieve this feather in our cap!

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Enfield Gazette

Speaking after the ceremony, Chairman Bob Ladell, said "I would like to thank all the Woodcroft Wildspace volunteers for their enthusiasm for the wildlife we value so highly." And continued, "we continue to work in partnership with Enfield Council to make Woodcroft a must visit educational destination for schools and families". Woodcroft Wildspace would also like to thank the Enfield in Bloom Committee for the long hours they put in each year assessing the multitude of entrants and their garden spaces.


Woodcroft Wildspace won a GOLD Award in the 2014 Enfield in Bloom competition for best environmental /wildlife garden/meadow

A fantastic achievement of which all volunteers deserve and in which we can all take significant pride.

A terrific thank-you to everyone who has made a contribution however large or small, it has all helped.

Woodcroft Wildspace was also awarded a Bronze in the Enfield in Bloom Garden Competition 2009 for an “Exceptional Horticultural Contribution for the Local Community”